Why does horticulture matter?

The food we eat...the air we breathe...

In a London secondary school earlier this year, a 14 year old leaned back on two legs of his classroom chair and said "I think I speak for everybody here that whilst we may come to enjoy gardening, we'd never consider it as a career". In saying that, he neatly summed up the predicament facing the horticulture industry today - the failure to communicate to young people, their teachers and parents, that horticulture is a career to be proud of, not something for those who cannot do anything else.

Horticulturists are responsible for much of the world we work, rest and play in - the trees cooling us and our cities in the summer, the parks we picnic in, the sports pitches we play on or admire on TV and much of the food we eat. Yet nobody sees the people behind these "touch points" with horticulture or the exciting, creative and challenging careers they hold.

Horticulture Matters is the industry-wide effort to change this. The RHS is a key partner, proud to be telling young people about the exciting opportunities that exist. Our message: To have a career to be proud of, don't wait until you're 40, do something about it today.

We've won awards!

Winner of the Drum Marketing Awards 2017
Winner of the ERA 2017 awards
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