Jobs for July

July is here and the harvest has begun! Read our top ten jobs for this month and enjoy gardening in the sun.

01 July 2021

  1. In July you can harvest: spinach, peas, beans, carrots, potatoes, beetroot, salad leaves, lettuce, spring planted garlic & onions, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries and all the different currants. Learn how to harvest all your fruit and vegetables using these resources.
  2. If you have people who are helping you look after the garden over the summer, you could ask them to sow spring cabbage, turnips, chicory, fennel, autumn and winter salads. These could be sown in spots where other crops have been harvested.
  3. July is when the weather gets hotter so all plants in the garden, especially those in pots will need regularly watered. Doing this may help avoid plant pests, diseases, disorders or bolting. Learn some water saving tips here.
  4. Your potato plants should be growing lots of lovely green stalks and leaves. However, it’s the time to look out for potato and tomato blight. You can find blight forecasts at Blightwatch.
  5. Start collecting flowers and seeds heads from lavender plants and use them to make a calming lavender bag, add them to food such as cakes and biscuits, cut and dry them for a dried flower displays or use them in other crafts.
  6. July is when all the summer flowers are in full bloom. Learn more about flowers using our 16 activities in the Flower Power Growing Topic. Want more like these for fun summer activities then try; make your own herbarium specimens, frozen flowers, garden sun catchers, summer flower spotter and be a flower spotter
  7. If you have trees in your garden, July is the month to check that tree ties, stakes and covers are not damaging the trunk. If you find that they have started to cut into the bark then gently remove them and find larger ties and covers.
  8. If you have plants indoors such as in a house, a greenhouse or in a polytunnel these plants will need watered almost daily. To reduce plants drying out, put trays under pots to help them collect water, put in an irrigations system or make a recycled self-watering device (watch the video here). All very helpful watering tricks, especially if you are away on a summer holiday.  
  9. If you have lots of lovely flowering plants in your garden remember to keep deadheading them so they will continue producing new buds and flowers. Use petals collected from flowers and other natural materials in the garden to make a perfume pot, magical garden potions or to make a rainbow.
  10. Are you planning to grow crops for Christmas? Well July is the month to buy carrot seeds and potato tubers ready to plant them at the end of the month or in early August.

Now get outside into your garden or the great outdoors and enjoy the sunshine!
If you want more jobs to keep you busy in the garden then check out the RHS Jobs of the month list.

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