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British Science Week

Use these exciting KS3-4 & NL3-4 resources created by RHS scientists to celebrate Science Week!

Water transportation in plants

Discover how water is transported within plants.

Maths - get flowery with figures!

Look for mathematical patterns in nature.

Activity of the week

Germination race

Sow some seeds and ready, set, go! Carry out this experiment to see who's seeds germinate first and grow the fastest.

The power of water!

Learn about soil erosion, what we can do to reduce this and learn to conserve our precious soil.

Red cabbage indicator

A fun way to measure pH by creating an indicator with red cabbage. Test what is acid or alkaline.

Be a flower spotter

Use this colourful guide to learn about the different scientific names for flower shapes.

Walking water

Discover how water can 'walk uphill' and investigate capillary action to demonstrate how plants take up water.

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