Little hands make big changes in school’s sustainable garden projects

School Gardening Awards Level : 5

Berrywood Primary School
Hedge End

Green Heroes is a sustainable project at Berrywood Primary School in Southampton, driven by the belief that when children are inspired by a beautiful environment, empowered with knowledge about climate change, and provided opportunities to think critically about the world they live in, they seek solutions and willingly make a positive contribution in their communities.
Matt Walker, Environmental Learning Leader at Berrywood Primary School, tells us why he started Green Heroes and the work they are doing to make their school and local environment a more sustainable place:
“Green Heroes is an initiative that we launched at Berrywood Primary School in 2017. In 2014, Chris Reilly was appointed as Head Teacher and very quickly saw the potential of the untapped resource of the school grounds. Since then it has been our determination to bring children’s learning to life through first hand experiences, enabling the children to explore, develop and enjoy the natural sciences and vitality of the life in an environment that we have created.
I began making an environmental film with some of the children from Year 6 that would allow them to share their views and experiences of the changes the grounds have been through, giving the audience the opportunity to be taken on a journey, portraying ‘the Berrywood Way’ (you can view this film below).
Coinciding with the project we also focused on the wider environment and climate change. We explored other environments around the world and began to research what impact climate change is having on our planet. Children researched the implications of climate change, deepening their knowledge and questioning why it’s be ignored. The children began to understand what impact we are having on the environment, allowing them to think critically and make positive changes that will stay with them forever.
Green Heroes is currently focusing on pollination and sustainability. During the autumn term, we explored the life of the honey bee and the hurdles they are currently facing. The children began to understand how our consumption of food and harvesting practices are having implications on the honeybee populations and how we can reduce this impact.
From the beginning of 2018 we will be introducing bee hives into the school and continue to sow and grow plants with a focus on identification and the importance of our pollinators. Our Green Heroes will continue to be passionate advocates to spread this important message within our community.
Sustainability will also be a key part of 2018’s learning. Our Ridan food waste composter will give children the opportunity to see how waste can be used to make rich compost for us to use on the gardens at Berrywood, to make healthy plants that will make happy bees.”
Watch the Green Heroes film here:

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"The children began to understand what impact we are having on the environment, allowing them to think critically and make positive changes that will stay with them forever."

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