Gardening jobs for May

Read our top ten jobs for the month to help your crops and flowers flourish.

01 May 2022

  1. Earth up your potatoes with new compost once you start to see green shoots above the soil.
  2. Thin out any vegetable seedlings such as beetroot, carrots, radish and spinach to help the crops produce healthier vegetables and have the space they need to grow.
  3. Be on the lookout for any late frosts and continue to protect your tender plants or seedlings using fleece or cloches.
  4. As the weather warms up, keep checking your plants to see if they need watering. Water your plants in the morning or evening to ensure all the water gets to the plant and doesn’t evaporate in the heat.
  5. Start making plants for free by taking softwood cuttings of your tender perennials and shrubby herbs.
  6. Protect your carrots by using insect proof netting to reduce the chances of carrot fly attacking your crops.
  7. Sow French beans, runner beans, squash, cucumbers, pumpkin, sweet corn, and cauliflower directly into the ground in your prepared beds or pots.
  8. Deadhead your spring bulbs by cutting the flower stems off at their base once they have gone over. This will direct energy into the leaves and help them to store more food in the bulb ahead of next year.
  9. Support tall plants such as peas and sweet peas with canes and ties where needed. Keep your young gardeners safe by adding cane toppers to your supports.
  10. Pot up your tomatoes and start removing side shoots that develop from the leaves of the main stem. This will help them direct growth to the fruit rather than extra green growth. You can also add basil plants to your tomato pots, as both love the same conditions, and the herb will help deter whitefly.

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